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October 28, 2009

Down to the Wire!

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We are quite literally down to the wire!  We are gonna meet our little guy any day now and we are so very stoked!  I am up to 149 lbs, not bad, haven’t broken 150 yet 🙂 Which of course makes me happy!  Everything has been going really great and we have been stunned by the generosity of our family and friends as the day approaches!  Like Dad mentioned, we had a baby shower with his family on Aug 30, my family and friends threw us one on Oct 7th and then my work threw me one on Oct 18!  We got so much stuff, this little guy is going to be very well dressed and have some very great toys!  I’d list everything but it would take me a very long time, lets just say he’s a very lucky guy and we are very lucky parents to have family and friends like we do! Thank you to everyone who has shown us how great a world we can live in.  A special thanks to Carlye, Crystal and Andrea for putting together and hosting a great surprise shower for me with my family and friends, you guys did an amazing job! Going above and beyond, Carlye for tricking me into thinking Dan and I were going to her house for a nice dinner and actually going so far as to have slow cooked a pork roast so when I got there something was cooking before we left to attend to a “personal crisis” of one of our friends! You guys are great! Also a big thanks to Lori, my boss at work, who put together a surprise shower for me, through Dan, I very much appreciate all the hard work and advice!

Our parents have been super amazing through all this!  Dan’s parents, together with his aunt and uncle and grandpa, bought us a great stroller system, the one I wanted :).  My parents have gotten us a playpen, highchair, the great diaper bag we REALLY wanted, jolly jumper, and so much more.  And my Dad and Step-mom got us some gorgeous limited edition prints for his nursery when we have one, hehe, and they have also ordered us a crib that will be in around xmas 🙂 You guys are great! You’re generosity humbling! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

I’m fairly sure that we have everything ready for when he makes his appearance!  I’ve been checking my lists and running out for last minute items, checking the bags over and over!  We went to a prenatal class last Saturday and it was very informative! The video….well I watched most of it… not enough time for me to digest the more graphic parts before I have to experience them!  It was a wonderful day and I left feeling a bit more confident and knowledgeable about what I should expect!

Our Midwife appt on Tuesday went smoothly, I am now 39 weeks and 2 days 🙂  They did an exam and his head is down where it should be and my cervix is dilated 1 cm, so she figures within the next week I will get to meet my son!  I am so very stoked and can’t wait to post pictures and show everyone 🙂

Talk to you all soon 🙂




September 7, 2009

Baby Talk

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Dad here…

So, after my brother got married, we had a family baby shower (convenient, no?). We got a whole lot of cool stuff, which we’ll talk about real soon, and we’re very grateful to our family (and everyone else who has helped) for their generosity and support.

One of the more interesting items we got came from my aunt Carole and uncle Larry – a DVD on interpreting baby cries. Since we intend to foster communication as early as possible (we intend to do baby signs, etc) I find the prospect of being able to interpret cries quite exciting. We watched it together and found it very clear and interesting – it seems quite promising.

The system is for babies 0-3 months old and called Dunstan Baby Language

It postulates that there are 5 main cries, with their own meanings:


I’m hungry – An infant uses the sound reflex “Neh” to communicate its hunger. The sound is produced when the sucking reflex is triggered, and the tongue is pushed up on the roof of the mouth.


I’m sleepy – An infant uses the sound reflex “Owh” to communicate that they are tired. The sound is produced much like an audible yawn.


I’m experiencing discomfort – An infant uses the sound reflex “Heh” to communicate stress, discomfort, or perhaps that it needs a fresh diaper. The sound is produced by a response to a skin reflex, such as feeling sweat or itchiness in the bum.


I have lower gas – An infant uses the sound reflex “Eairh” to communicate they have flatulence or an upset stomach. The sound is produced when trapped air from a belch that is unable to release and travels to the stomach where the muscles of the intestine tighten to force the air bubble out. Often, this sound will indicate that a bowel movement is in progress, and the infant will bend its knees, bringing the legs toward the torso. This leg movement assists in the ongoing process.


I have gas – An infant uses the sound reflex “Eh” to communicate that it needs to be burped. The sound is produced when a large bubble of trapped air is caught in the chest, and the reflex is trying to release this out of the mouth.

Sounds real interesting… hope it works?

Talk soon… baby’s coming quick (about two months if it’s on time!) and I’m excited. Thanks to all who are offering advice, it’s much appreciated.

Much love,


For those that get it

For those who get it

August 27, 2009

Less the 10 Weeks left!!

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Oh my goodness….we only have 9 1/2 weeks left till we get to meet our little guy!  I can not believe how fast time has flown.  Yesterday we went to 3D Vision in Victoria and had another ultrasound done.  This one we had to pay for but it was worth every penny!  Instead of the awkward black and white images we got before, this one was done in flesh tones and actually showed the baby in 3D!  It was an unreal experience!  We got to see his little hands and fingers and feet and toes!  We got to see his little face, nose and lips…..much like he will look when we finally meet him in person!  The ultrasound Tech, Jen, poked the opposite side of my belly to try and get him to smile at one point but as soon as she poked him his whole face went into a frown!  It was hilarious!!  Now I know what face he makes when I am constantly poking my belly!  We got to see him smirk a little and he stuck out his tongue, but once he figured out we were watching he stuck his hands up in his face and put a foot in his mouth! hehe.  So we got a disc of pictures and a copy of the whole ultrasound on DVD, great keepsakes to show him when he gets older!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is pregnant!

I am definitely getting bigger.  Now is the time where he starts to gain 1/2 lb a week until about 37 weeks.  He currently weighs about 3 1/4 lbs and is around 15 1/2 inches long.  He doesn’t kick as much anymore as he is running out of extra room, instead he pushes himself out and rolls feet around… a very interesting feeling.  He can hear noises now and opens his eyes and he has finger and toe nails!  It astounds me everyday that Dan and I have made such an amazing little person!

We have registered at Babies R Us, part of Toys R Us.  We haven’t finished adding items but we have started to add some for anyone who is interested!  You can log onto the website, and look up our baby registry by either name I believe.  Nah I just checked and for some weird reason Dan’s name doesn’t bring it up….hmmm… so you can look it up by my name  Kelsey Doege or the registry number which is 44706672!  The link to the Registry is at the top right of the screen, just says baby registry.

We are still narrowing down the name options, the only for sure ones are his middle name will be James, after Dan’s dad and my brother, and the last name will be Cutler.  Possibly Lukas for a first name….we don’t know yet for sure.  I’m adding a few new pics, one of me getting big and then a couple from yesterdays ultrasound.

Hope everyone is doing fantastically!


Yup, getting bigger

Yup, getting bigger

When we poked him

When we poked him

Got his dad's smirk

Got his dad's smirk

Had his foot in his mouth with his hand by his eye

Had his foot in his mouth with his hand by his eye

July 29, 2009

Week 26

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We’re now into week 26.  Time is just flying by!  We went and saw one of our midwifes yesterday for our monthly appointment.  Deb has been great, she was the one that came up to the hospital when I was having my problems to make sure all was good with mom and babe.  The little guy’s heartbeat is at 130 and I’m not gaining any excessive weight 🙂 YAY! Stepping on a scale is a little scary these days but not as bad as I imagined!  He weighs around 2 pounds now and from crown to rump is approx. 9 1/4 inches long.  It has been great having Dan at the appointments because he helps me remember what I have to do and the midwife also talks to him about what to expect and whatnot.  I am really glad we went the midwife route.  I’m finding it much more personal and one-on-one.  You aren’t just another face that if your doctor isn’t busy MAY deliver your baby.  You grow with these midwifes, there are two of them, Deb and Luba.  You get to know them and they get to know you and your preferences for your birth.  It’s an amazing experience!

We’ve started to get some great baby stuff!

My mom and dad (Cathy and Jody) picked us up:
a playpen, highchair, diaper genie and jolly jumper from a friend of ours for super inexpensive which is awesome!

Dan’s  parents (Jim and Janet) got us a really cute, very Canadian themed onsie for the baby boy, plus some very great and helpful pregnancy books! You guys are great!

Dan’s cousins Matt and Dianne and their kids Andrew, Hannah, Mary and Sarah, were up from Iowa and got us a few gifts:
some burp clothes, a great little photo album the baby can chew on and not wreck, and a great learning book full of colours and things to feel. It was awesome of them!

My sisters parents, Audrey and Dave, gave us:
a baby bath and Tigger toy for on the floor! Very cool!

My other parents, Larry and Angela, have let us know that when we get settled into a two bedroom place, they will be getting us the baby crib! Also super exciting!

Well that’s all for this week. I will be posting an updated picture fairly shortly, hopefully today!  Hope this finds every well and healthy!


July 27, 2009

Baby Signs

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Thought this was pretty cool… I definitely am planning on teaching my little guy sign language.


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